What are the steps to make a wooden tape measure?

To measure a wooden tape you need to follow some of the very important things. For beginners, it will not be that easy to measure them properly in that way you can follow some of the steps to make a wooden tape measure. To get a clear idea about it you can continue reading this article.

Know about what is your need

The first most important thing that you have to know is what type of material you will need for making the outcome that you are thinking of bringing out. You will have to know some of the tricks to bring them out in a proper way.

Broken tape measure

You can make use of an old tape which will be a good comfort for you. You need to know the size of the tape that you are planning to measure. In this particular section, you can also decide what kind of designs you are planning to have and you need to work according to it.

Type of wood

You need to know about the different types of wood and according to that, you need to select the one that will be good for your use. Most probably many people will make use of Maplewood, which will support you for a long time.

You need to cut over the middle part around the region where this will be a good spin for your tape and then you need to make the shaft.

Finally, you have to cut them out and the locking side has to be taken and attached with glue and sand.

To make them look pretty you need to do some of the extra things by just making the wood to become Polish. Over that, you can spray some of the glossy colors, which will give a good appearance. You have to get a clear idea about the material that you plan to choose and get some opinions from others so that you will not get confused during the selection procedure.

In this way, you can make use of the handmade wood tape measure and prepare them from being back at home itself with the little things that you have at home. If you are a starter and you do not have any idea about it then you can get help from the experts and then follow the steps according to their guidance.